Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If the goods are integrated into another product, do not have to pay VAT?
    No, It is only according to  the sales invoice of the other product sold that you have to pay according to the normal VAT return.
  2. If I  sell the finished goods not in Hungary with a VAT-free invoice,  do not have to pay VAT?
    In this case, you never have to pay VAT.
  3. We are a rural company, how the customs clearance take place?
    We will receive the MRN registration number from you, from the parcel delivery company or the customs office. We send the documents to the customs office electronically and if the customs office does not want to see the goods, everything will be done electronically. If they want to check the goods and ask someone to be present from your company, you have to solve this.
  4. I only brought / importing smaller items, it is still worth choosing the VAT takeover?
    We can not make an economic decision instead of you. We have client who choose us despite the fact that he would have to pay 100-150 thousand HUF VAT only.