Customs administration

Customs administration with positive discrimination

Thanks to our AEO certification, our customers have to expect the least waiting time due to customs administration. We can perform our tasks in a predictable way, mostly electronically – without a physical appearance at the Customs Office.

Our contractual partners can receive additional discounts.

We neither are not exempt from paying the duty either, but the VAT on goods imported from third countries does not have to be paid by our contractual partners directly during the customs administration,  it is sufficient to do so after the sale.

The staff of the Customs Agencies constantly monitors the changes in the legislation, and therefore they are aware of what permits and forms are required for fast administration.

We can perform the following tasks for our clients from 0 to 24 hours:

  • Full export customs clearance based on local export license (AES).
  • Starting a T1, T2 transit document with a TC31 or TC32 guarantee document.
  • Notification of the arrival of TIR Carnet document.
  • Electronic customs presentation.
  • Customs warehousing (Temporary, Public Customs, Tax – former VAT warehouse warehouses).
  • Customs advice.
  • Subsequent customs procedures (amendment, drawback, etc.)
  • AEO rating-related support.

Further arrangements can only be made during the opening hours of the customs office:

  • EWC (real-time) customs duty payment option.
  • Full Import Customs Administration (AIS).
  • Certification of Certificates of Origin, Transport (EUR.1, A.TR).
  • Submission of T5 and INF documents.
  • Launch of TIR, ATA Carnet documents.
  • VPID, EORI number administration.
  • Customs administration for private individuals (own movable property for settlers, emigrants, and normal commercial goods).
  • Administration of registration tax.
  • T2, T2L, T2F, T2LF, T2LSM, T2SM Proof of the Community status of goods. Typically for the certification of ships imported into the Isle of Man, Canaria, the Åland Islands, San Marino and Croatia (before EU accession).

We have dozens of Customs permits to represent the interests of our clients

We love it when our customers are satisfied with the services they receive.

We provide maximum flexibility in customs administration and, in cases where NAV rules allow, we can be available 24 hours a day.

We also perform customs administration for private individuals. In general, this activity of ours is much more time-consuming than normal trade turnover, therefore from January 1, 2020 our minimum fee for customs clearance of private import imports is 50,000 HUF + VAT.

ROSAS Logistikai Kft. Can be reached by truck without any restrictions.

Our warehouse and office Budapest XXIII. district, near the M51 (old 0) and junction 5.

If you require our occasional or continuous customs administration, you can contact us at any time.