Foreign trade administration

Wondering what the main steps of an import or export transaction are? Is it difficult to navigate between INCOTERMS, TARIC code, and CPT terms? Can’t determine how much duty you will have to pay? Or would it simply be helpful to do business with foreign companies? If you want to know the full range of foreign trade administration in one hand, feel free to contact us! Our specialists guarantee a high level of support, and we will help you from the very beginning, from the first steps.

We help to optimize foreign trade processes from the order to the receipt of the goods and, in the case of exports, to their delivery. Already at the beginning of the foreign trade transaction, we look for all the necessary permits and conditions, so no unexpected problems can occur when the goods arrive (eg that the customs clearance reveals that the import permit is missing). With our professional colleagues and qualified subcontractors, we help you to choose the payment terms that can be used to implement financially secure deliveries of goods in both imports and exports (eg letters of credit; forms of bank guarantees, etc.).

We also help you to find supplier companies based on the conditions you specify, whether in Europe or in a third country.

We undertake the followings:

  • contacting suppliers
  • requesting quotations from the suppliers
  • negotiating prices with the supplier
  • conduct of full procurement
  • BTI administration:

It is essential for the economic operator to know exactly under which heading the product he manufactures or markets falls, this is all the more true in the case of an export-import transaction, as this TARIC code is obligatory in customs procedures.

Binding Tariff Information (BTI) is legally binding in all member states of the European Union. Thus, it serves the safety of the farmer in that there is no possibility of error in the tariffing of the goods.

The BTI decision provides security / guarantee for the tariff classification for 3 years.

After 1 October 2019, the so-called BTI applications can be submitted through the Trader Portal, not on paper.

Our company also undertakes the full administration of BTI applications. It may be particularly justified to seek professional assistance in cases where the EBTI system / Trader Portal is unknown to the economic operator, as the administrative deadline may be significantly shortened by the proper completion and submission of applications.