Groupage transport

Groupage transport provides the cheapest transportation, therefore

you can choose this solution too from us.

It is natural for us that price is also important to our partners as well as safety and speed.

Due to the escalated market competition, it is in the well-conceived interest of every company to be able to deliver its products at the lowest possible prices, so transportation is also about prices in addition to deadlines.

If you want to get your shipments to their destination as cheaply as possible – and the transit time is only secondary – you should contact us.

With clever planning, delivery can be made significantly more economical

This is the most efficient solution for domestic and international product transportation

As we also have our own warehouse and vehicles and have framework agreements with several multinational companies and reliable partners across the continent, we can offer favorable offers.

The substance of groupage transportation is that the consignment is collected from several sellers by small freight forwarders and delivered to a groupage warehouse.

The consignment will be transhipped here and if it is requested we do the commissioning. Later, together with many other consignments departing in the same direction, we ship it with a scheduled truck.

The advantage of traditional, ie groupage transport with an intermediate storage  is the wide network, as well as the inherently lower transport costs resulting from the large volume of goods and the lowest freight rate that can be achieved.

When is it worth using groupage transport?

If you ship an incomplete load – that is, you want to transport a partial load – please contact us. We find the most efficient solutions by groupage transport or unique organization and the provision of related warehousing and customs services. We can keep you up to date on the status of your cargo.

Our skilled staff has all the tools at our disposal to provide fast and cost-effective groupage transport domestically and internationally.

Contact us at any of our contact details and reduce your logistics and shipping costs with groupage transport.