Product Fee and Intrastat reporting

Environmental Product Fee

We are up to date with the environmental product fee declaration.

The regulation of the environmental product fee affects most domestic production and commercial company

Any economic operator who imports or manufactures a product subject to a product charge and places it on the market in the country or uses it for his own purposes is required to keep a separate product fee register for these products, submit a return to the tax office and pay the environmental product fee.

The environmental product fee obligation is fulfilled by self-declaration.

The return must be filed quarterly and failure to do so may result in a significant fine in the event of a tax audit, even if the return would otherwise be zero.

Closely linked to the declaration of an environmental product charge are complex administrative requirements, production scrap and waste records.

With our help, you can ensure that your company also fulfills all the necessary obligations, as our trained staff keeps up to date with legal changes.

We undertake the registration, administration, preparation of the declaration, electronic declaration, as well as the preparation of the retrospective supplementary declaration in accordance with the valid legal regulations. This will avoid punishment.

Products subject to product fee:

  • battery
  • packing material, other packing material
  • other petroleum products
  • electrical and electronic equipment
  • tire
  • advertising paper
  • other plastic products (eg artificial flowers)
  • other chemical products
  • office paper

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Intrastat reporting

Don’t want to be late in submitting your INTRASTAT report?

Intrastat data collection is mandatory in all EU Member States

Following the abolition of customs borders in the European Union, products can move freely without any administrative burdens. For statistics, this means that data on trade between Hungary and the other Member States must be collected directly from distribution companies.

Who is obliged to provide Intrastat report?

Economic operators must provide data on the basis of the notification to the Hungarian Central Statistical Office  (KSH), whose 12-month EU import or EU delivery exceeds the so-called reporting threshold, which is currently HUF 100 million for both directions of traffic.

The KSH calculates and publishes the reporting threshold in advance for each calendar year.

When and how should the Intrastat obligation be met?

Data must be provided to the KSH system on a monthly basis, in detail, by the 15th day following the reference month.

Reports related to Intrastat can be submitted to the KSH electronically.

We undertake to process the data required for the Intrastat report, to prepare the report in accordance with the law, and to submit it electronically.

If you do not want to further burden your already busy employees with this futures task, if you often have trouble with reconciling data and filling in the form in your company instead of doing useful work, then contact us.